Oura Ring Validation Studies

Oura Data Validated Against Sleep Lab Golden Standard

The Finnish Occupational Health Institute has validated the Oura Ring against the gold standard sleep laboratory test—polysomnography (PSG).

PSG tests are the ultimate proving ground as they capture as much data as possible: brain activity with electroencephalogram (EEG), eye patterns, muscle movement, and two types of heart rate data from electrocardiogram (ECG) and photoplethysmography (PPG).

The aim of this study was to compare the Oura Ring’s ability to detect total sleep, sleep onset, and sleep stage breakdowns to rigorous in-lab PSG.

Findings indicate that Oura not only stacks up but provides sleep data without the discomfort of sleep lab instruments that can impact a subject’s natural sleep.

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Oura Ring Validated Against Electrocardiogram for Use as HRV Athletic Training Tool

Results have been published from a study by the University of Oulu comparing Oura’s heart rate variability data (HRV) against the state-of-the-art method in the field—electrocardiogram (ECG) HRV.

The study examined the accuracy of heart rate and beat-to-beat HRV measures of the Oura Ring. To ensure reliable measurements, researchers doubled down by having participants wear a ring on each hand.

Findings show Oura’s near-perfect alignment with ECG heart rate readings and demonstrates promise for using nighttime HRV as a tool for managing training loads among athletes.

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Oura Confirmed EMF-Safe & Allows Airplane Mode

The Oura Ring emits minimal electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) and allows you to enable Airplane Mode to limit contact even further.

The limit for SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) for a device such as the Oura ring is 2.0 W/kg for head and body. The Oura ring’s SAR level is 0.0003 W/kg.

Additionally, Bluetooth is only active on the Oura ring for short periods of time, well below 1% of the day. Data is transmitted more continuously when the ring syncs with the app and during firmware updates.

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