With the backdrop of COVID-19, the TemPredict study at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is testing whether physiological data collected by the Oura Ring, combined with responses to daily symptom surveys, can predict illness symptoms. The study aims to build an algorithm to identify patterns of, onset of, progression of, and recovery from, COVID-19.

TemPredict has gained momentum with 65,000+ participants and ongoing funding awards. In the past several months, TemPredict received funding from #startsmall and more recently, an $800K contract from the Department of Defense, to collect dried blood samples for COVID-19 antibody testing. Oura seeded the project in March by providing startup funds and 1400 rings for healthcare workers. Most recently, the TemPredict study received a $5.1M award from the Department of Defense to complete antibody testing for 10,000 participants and to provide additional support for algorithm development and testing in real-world settings.

This effort includes researchers at UCSF and UC San Diego as well as researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory, the US Army, and the US Navy. To see more, visit: https://osher.ucsf.edu/news/51m-awarded-tempredict

The UCSF TemPredict study includes two groups: front-line healthcare workers and the general population.

First, TemPredict has provided Oura Ring to more than 3,400 frontline responders — doctors, nurses, paramedics, and others — who are in daily contact with patients who may be afflicted with COVID-19. Second, the study is open to all Oura Ring users.

Through daily symptom surveys, study participants directly contribute their own observations, paired to their Oura data, to the UCSF team. Researchers will use this information as they attempt to identify patterns that could predict onset, progression, and recovery in future cases of COVID-19. If this approach is successful, it could open the door for research into tracking and managing other illnesses and conditions.

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