Lindsay is a US Army/Wall St. Veteran who has been using her Oura Ring since October 2020 to combat her anxiety, depression, PTSD, and poor sleep quality.

Lindsay & Oura

“Following an ‘eat pray love’ journey of self-discovery and personal growth several years ago, I found myself on a big move from NYC to LA and in the very unfamiliar which triggered a serious case of PTSD. I experienced a traumatic childhood, which led me into the US Army followed by an NYC finance Wall St career. It was only in due time that my traumas would catch up with me! I love a holistic approach to life hence I worked with a local health coach, Shawn Phillips, for support and guidance during my PTSD recovery. During our first session, he recommended the Oura Ring, so we could start to monitor my sleep cycles while building an exercise regime that accommodated my adrenal fatigue and depression.

I have been using the Oura Ring since October 2020, and it’s my daily support and I check-in every morning, helping me structure each day to get into my flow. Additionally, during this time, I created a new integrative accounting, finance, and business operations model using the wisdom I attained from my own personal traumas and neuroscience, helping clients with outdated belief structures and a somatic approach to business/life.”

Depression and Mental Health

“For me, the nightly wind-down process is imperative to ensure I get at least 3 hours of deep sleep. I start around 7 pm and make sure to not get charged up with emails and business development. Also, I went through a period of waking up around 4:45 AM to meditate for several hours and Oura was recording this time as REM sleep. I thought this was fascinating to see how powerful early morning meditations are to our body and state of well-being.

And it wasn’t just my sleep and rest that improved. Because of technology like Oura, I was able to really dive deep into my PTSD and see how this was such a gift. I learned on a deeper level about the body and neuroscience in such a short period — it was so experiential. For the first time in my life, I have slowed things way down and feel so grounded and balanced in all areas of my life.”

A Tip From Lindsay

“Face your fears! Take the risk no matter how much trauma you have experienced in your life! Make sure to understand the process; it’s so worth it. Neuroscience and epigenetics are validating ancient wisdom, and it is such an exciting time to live your dream life. We do not have to be victims of our past or our environments, and we now have the wisdom of technology (inner & outer) validated to support us on this epic journey!”


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