Q: What happens when you sleep well and what happens when you sleep poorly?

A: “Sleep plays a huge role in me being the best that I can be and living my best life. If I have an average to below-average sleep, I’ll wake up and feel a bit restless. I’m a little bit more anxious. I’m walking around and not as on point or as focused. And I really feel like it affects my physical performance and my reaction time’s a little bit slower. On the contrary, if I wake up and I feel really good about my sleep, I am excited. Ready for the day. I feel refreshed. I’m ready to take on anything. I feel like I’m quick to react, and I’m really in the flow.”

Q: What do you change in your day based on your Oura insights?

A: “The first thing I do in the morning is update my Oura App and the data impacts how I approach my day. If, if my Readiness Score and my Sleep Score are a bit low, I’ll take things a little bit slower and be a little kinder to myself. And if my Readiness Score and Sleep Score are high, I go for it.” 

Q: Have you tweaked any of your sleeping habits/routines based on your Oura insights?

A: “A few of the things that I’ve changed are setting a routine bedtime and sticking to it and making a conscious effort every night to turn off my phone an hour before I go to sleep. And if I have not great Sleep and Readiness scores, I will not train as hard, and maybe do some yoga instead of a hard hit workout.”

Q: How does napping play a role in your performance levels?

A:  “I love napping. Napping is a part of my everyday routine. It’s a really nice way to slow down, to kind of check out to reset. The world is moving so fast, so it’s great to slow down and just keep things really simple. I go hard every day. So it’s that moment. That one hour that I get all to myself to rest, relax, and press reset so that I can keep going hard.”

Q: When do you check your app?

A:  “I open my app every day. It’s really nice to have that extra information to check in with myself and my health to make sure I’m just where I need to be.”

Q: Do you have 2 or 3 tips to relay to the Oura Community?

A: “Yeah! A few things that I’ve learned through using Oura are to eat early, wear an eye mask and earplugs (which I do now), and definitely stop using my phone about an hour before bed and read a book.”

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