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May 3, 2018

Exercises and Other Health Tips That Make You Feel Better During Workdays

Tomi Kokko is a health influencer and professional personal trainer whose passion is to help people achieve lasting, healthy lifestyle changes. For Tomi, those changes come through a combination of several factors; ranging from nutrition to exercise and one’s attitude towards life in general. Equally important for him is that you need to find your own optimal ways to improve your wellbeing, and this is something he emphasizes in his lectures, personal training, blogs and vlogs. This is one of the reasons why Tomi is also an Oura Ambassador, and very interested in tracking his own daily wellbeing.

We had a chat with Tomi about two very common challenges that many Oura community members face: how to stay energetic during workdays, and how to avoid long periods of inactivity at the office. The four short videos below summarize Tomi’s thoughts and tips.

Workplace Ergonomics

“When we sit down, we tend to roll out our shoulders forward, which is not great for us. On top of that, we poke our nose to the screen of the computer.”

In this clip, Tomi shows a couple of easy exercises that get the blood circulating in your veins – and brains:

Improve workplace ergonomics

Nutrition During Workdays

“We all need to find the nutrition that works for our body. But there are a couple of common things that usually work really well.”

Here are some examples of healthy snacks and lunch menus that energize your workday:

Workday nutrition

Break the Long Periods of Sitting

“They say that sitting is the new smoking, and I kind of believe it.”

Tomi often guides his customers to break the long periods of sitting with these simple measures:

Avoid sedentary time

Tracking Sleep and Recovery

“I love training hard, but if my body hasn’t recovered in the morning, I change my [training] plan accordingly.”

Here’s how Tomi himself tracks his wellbeing and sleep:

Tracking sleep with Oura

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Here are some easy to implement tips that give your body and mind a well-deserved break during hectic workdays.

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