Victoria Peel Yates

Victoria Peel Yates

Victoria is a health coach, yoga teacher, and content writer based in Barcelona, Spain, where she specializes in writing for wellness and sustainability tech brands. As a former humanitarian, she is passionate about helping impact-driven businesses grow and change the world.

What Causes Low HRV During Sleep?

Learn more about how — and why — this biometric fluctuates during the night.

Woman wearing Oura Ring

Why Is My Heart Rate Higher When I’m Sick?

If you feel your heart racing when you’re under the weather, don’t fret. Learn why this normal occurrence happens and ways to calm it down.

Oura SpO2 feature screenshot

10 Ways to Increase Your Blood Oxygen (SpO2) Levels

Normal blood oxygen levels vary from person to person. But if you notice lower-than-usual levels, try these science-backed strategies to increase your blood oxygen level.

The Best Sleeping Position for Endometriosis

Endometriosis can cause pain and discomfort, making it challenging to sleep at night. Is there an “ideal” sleeping position for endometriosis?

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