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How to Make 2021 About You & Your Health

The calendar striking 2021 brings a new opportunity to make positive personal change and regain our mental resilience. But there’s one important question we are all asking ourselves: “Where do I start?” The answer? With You. 

Use HRV to Manage Stress

Ever wonder what stress or anxiety look like in your body? Your HRV can tell you.

Train Better Using HRV

Your body varies day by day, so why not your training regimen? Use HRV to get the most out of your workouts.

Your Resting Heart Rate

Resting Heart Rate (RHR) is the number of times your heart beats per minute when you're at rest. It's a good indication of your sleep quality, recovery, and overall health.

Your Normal Body Temperature Isn’t Just 98.6 Degrees

Each day, your body has plans to adjust your temperature to follow your circadian rhythm by warming you up to start the day and cooling you down for sleep. Yet diet, exercise, hormones, and many other things affect your temperature.

Your Normal Respiratory Rate

Learn more about your respiratory rate and how monitoring changes can alert you to changes in your physical fitness, health, or hormone cycle.

Heart Rate During Sleep: Look for These 3 Patterns

By looking at your resting heart rate (RHR) curve, you can also see the effects of late meals, evening workouts, alcohol, sickness, or being misaligned with your body’s ideal sleep window.

What is HRV?

HRV can react to stress and/or illness before resting heart rate (RHR), which makes it one of your body’s most powerful signals—providing useful insights into your stress levels, recovery status, and general well-being.

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