The Seattle Mariners have announced a collaboration with Oura, making them the first Major League Baseball (MLB) team to do so. The team players and staff will receive actionable health insights and leverage this personal feedback to better understand the connection between sleep, activity, recovery, and overall health.

Why the Mariners Chose Oura

“We believe that the restorative value of sleep is critical to a championship model. As such, the opportunity for us to partner with Oura is an exciting step in our ongoing pursuit of high performance, both on the field and off.” 

– Jerry Dipoto, Executive VP & General Manager, Seattle Mariners

Sleep is the key to better health, and better health is the key to better performance. 

Oura’s sleep monitoring is rivaled only by advanced, but invasive, sleep lab technology, so the players and staff will have access to Oura’s highly accurate nighttime measurements of key physiological signals, such as temperature, heart rate, heart rate variability, and respiratory rate, will not only give them an edge over the competition but also help them prioritize their health and safety in the process.

Kyle Torgerson, the Head Athletic Trainer of the Seattle Mariners, said it best: 

“Any position in baseball will feel the grind of the travel schedule and playing games nearly every day. As an athletic trainer, having a clear mind keeps me on the top of my game through the season. The Oura Ring helps guide me to optimize my sleep and minimize the brain fog that can easily creep in during the season.”

And some, like Mariners outfielder Mitch Haniger, have already personally turned to Oura — helping the excitement surrounding the collaboration grow even further. 

“I use my Oura Ring every day to track my recovery. I rely heavily on feedback from my ring when I make adjustments to my workouts, diet and supplements. The data is extremely valuable and has given me critical feedback and validated the adjustments I’ve been making in order to maximize my recovery.”

Oura & The Mariners

As Harpreet Singh Rai, Oura’s CEO, lets us know, the optimism around this new collaboration is definitely mutual. 

“We are thrilled the Seattle Mariners have chosen Oura to help take their training and conditioning programs to the next level. 

Proper recovery is critical to professional athletes since it directly impacts their ability to train and perform at their best. The Oura Ring measures changes in a person’s biometric data with unmatched precision, empowering team members to better monitor their health and make more informed decisions to achieve performance goals.” 

Recently, Oura, alongside two major research institutions, donated Oura Ring to thousands of frontline healthcare workers, and rings have been used in TemPredict, a study at UCSF, and in a separate study at West Virginia University—contributing to a growing body of research on illness detection, symptom profiles, and recovery.

With the onset of COVID-19, the Mariners are aware that Oura’s technology carries additional health benefits, as some have found that signals from Oura Ring can uncover potential early signs of illness, and we hope that the team will be empowered to leverage the Oura Ring insights to prioritize the overall health and safety of all players and staff during this new pandemic reality.