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Oura’s New Rest Mode Helps Optimize Your Recovery

Oura is introducing the ability to turn on “Rest Mode” within the app to optimize your insights to focus on recovery when you feel tired, unwell, or need to slow down.

NASCAR Announces 3-Year Partnership With Oura

As part of their commitment to safety, NASCAR recently announced the launch of a 3-year partnership with Oura to arm drivers, teams, and staff with the tools they need to stay on top of their health.

The Oura Difference

What is Oura? How is it different? What does it measure?

Your Oura Readiness Score

Learn more about your Readiness Score and how you can use it to increase your productivity.

Your Oura Sleep Score

Learn more about your Sleep Score and how you can use it to refine your nightly routine.

Your Oura Activity Score

Learn more about your Activity Score and how you can use it to boost your workout routine.

Explore Moment

Oura’s Moment feature allows you to check in with your body anytime, anywhere. Choose guided or unguided rest, meditation, or a mindful breathing session.

UCSF TemPredict Study

UCSF is testing whether physiological data collected by the Oura Ring, combined with responses to daily symptom surveys, can build an algorithm to identify patterns of, onset of, progression of, and recovery from, COVID-19.  

Oura Partners With WNBA For 2020 Season

As the season tips off, Oura, the WNBA and the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA) will work closely together to prioritize the health, safety, and privacy of the players.

Oura Partners With The NBA As The Season Resumes

With the NBA’s many high-profile players and personnel, accuracy regarding health information is business critical, and Oura responds to the timely need of bringing players and league staff peace of mind as they head to Orlando next month.

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