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Caroline Kryder

Caroline Kryder is Oura’s product manager for women's health, helping teams across the company build products that help women achieve their goals from cycle tracking to fertility. Before joining ŌURA, she helped clients build their own biometric research programs using eye-tracking, EEG, heart rate, facial coding, GSR, and implicit testing at Nielsen. Her work focused on exploring questions like “how do male and female superheroes inspire different emotions in different audiences?” Her passion is to empower people to understand their health and talk about science in their own words. Caroline has her BA from Carleton College and lives in San Francisco.
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How Does the Oura Ring Track My Sleep?

Take a look inside Oura Ring’s thoughtful technology that allows it to accurately track your stages of sleep.


How Accurate Is Oura’s Temperature Data?

Oura performance matches near-perfect with the research-grade iButton at >99% under lab conditions, and 92% under real world conditions.