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Finding the right size guarantees that your Oura ring will be a friendly companion for years to come. The Oura ring is available in 8 sizes, from US6 to US13.

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If you’ve already chosen your size when you ordered the ring, you don’t have to confirm the size. Press Confirm Size if you want to change your size.

Order Sizing Kit

If you have pre-ordered the Oura ring, you can order a free sizing kit below.

Order Sizing Kit

You can order the sizing kit after you have placed an order for the ring and have received the sizing confirmation email.

What's a Good Oura Ring Size for Me?

  • • You can wear the Oura ring on any finger, on either hand. The index, middle and ring finger usually work best.
  • • The ring should feel comfortable –especially in the morning when your fingers are slightly larger.
  • • The sensor bumps should be underneath your finger.
  • • When you try on the ring sizers, make sure your hands are warm. If you're between sizes, it's usually a good idea to choose the larger size.
  • • For more information, see our Sizing FAQ. or

4 Ways to Find Your Size


4 Ways to Find Your Oura Ring Size

1_Visit a jewelry store

Pop into a jewelry store near you and try on their standard wide-band US ring sizers to find your size.

If you're not in the US, you can use this conversion chart to convert US ring sizes to international ring sizes. Please note that the Oura ring is available only in full, not half sizes.

2_Use your first Oura ring as a reference

If you have the first Oura ring, it's comfortable in the morning and you want to wear the new Oura ring on the same finger, you can order the same size.

Please note that the new Oura ring feels slightly smaller than the first Oura ring, even if they're the same ring size. If you're not quite sure, use one of the other 3 ways to find out.

3_Print 3D ring sizers

Download the 3D printing files and print your own sizers. We recommend using a high-quality material to ensure a smooth finish that feels more like the actual ring. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License


4_Order an Oura Ring Sizing Kit

The Oura Ring Sizing Kit has 8 sizing rings you can wear for 24 hours to find your optimal size.

You can order the sizing kit only after you've placed an order for the ring.


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