Guidelines for Commercial Use of Oura Brand Features

Oura owns various trademarks, service marks, logos, designs, and other distinctive features (“Brand Features”), including but not limited to, those included on Oura’s Brand Asset page.

The commercial guidelines included below (“Guidelines”) outline the proper use of Oura’s Brand Features by its partners, licensees, affiliates, and other parties who obtained written permission to use Oura’s Brand Features for commercial purposes.

Please refrain from making any commercial use of the Oura Brand Features unless you have obtained Oura’s written permission and consent to do so. Oura reserves the right to reject or withdraw any permissions or licenses to use its Brand Features.

If you are granted permission to use the Oura Brand Features, you agree to do so in accordance with our Guidelines and Terms and Conditions, for the specific permissions granted to you by Oura, and in accordance with any written instructions and other requirements provided to you. As an example, if Oura provides instructions to you regarding the manner in which the Oura Brand Features should appear (e.g., font, size, colors, typeface), you must comply with these requirements.

Please understand that the permission granted to you is conditioned upon your use of the Oura Brand Features in accordance with these Guidelines and the instructions provided to you. To ensure compliance with our specifications and requirements, you agree to cooperate with Oura in facilitating Oura’s control of the quality of the products and services offered by you in connection with the Oura Brand Features. Upon reasonable notice, you will agree to provide to Oura copies of any products, product packaging, advertising and marketing materials, or other similar documents in which the Oura Brand Features appear to ensure conformity with Oura’s quality standards and the specifications and requirements set forth by Oura. You also agree to make any changes to your use of the Oura Brand Features that may be requested by Oura from time to time to comply with these Guidelines and Oura’s specifications and requirements.

Should you have any questions regarding these Guidelines or your use of any of the Oura Brand Features, please contact