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ŌURA is a health technology company founded in 2013. The company’s HQ and major manufacturing facilities are located in Oulu, Finland. Other locations include Helsinki, San Francisco (CA), Boulder (CO) and New York City. The company’s first product ŌURA wellness ring and app was launched in 2015.

Our story

The story behind ŌURA began from of our own need to stay balanced in our hectic work and family lives. We put together a unique team combining passion and pioneering industry experience, and created a product that is still in many ways considered impossible.

Where it all started

Staying balanced when life gets busy isn’t easy. Yet, it’s everything. This is probably the most powerful lesson the founders learned in their fast-paced, 15+ year careers in international business and technology. Stretching to meet their work demands, take care of their loved ones and perform well in the midst of schedules, obligations and time-zone changes, they started looking for a meaningful solution to a difficult question: How can you strike a balance between health, optimal performance and a hectic lifestyle?

Relying on their own experience ranging from competitive sports to developing solutions for chronic disease prevention, the founders knew that the path to good health and performance is knowing what your body is ready for. And to gain this knowledge, listening to your body is key.

In search of a solution, the founders tested practically everything available in the market. While many products had great features, none of them could provide access to relevant physiological data in a way that enabled long-term use. Having developed high-tech products, the founders decided to create a solution of their own – and so ŌURA was born.

Your Readiness is our Mission

We live in a world where we’re constantly reminded to push harder and stretch our boundaries. With ŌURA, we want to change that. We want to provide a simple solution that helps you to understand your body in relation to your own lifestyle instead of someone else’s. We’re all different – how could our goals be the same?

Where we are now

Since the start, we’ve grown to be a multi-disciplinary team with extensive hands-on experience in Health & Wellness, Medtech, Mobile/Telecoms/ICT industries, and in consumer electronics and software including over 20 years of experience in creating algorithms for the world’s leading heart rate monitors and activity trackers. The team has strong expertise in applying science, conducting research, bringing out successful products and services to international markets, and cultivating continuous customer satisfaction.

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