Make a Stronger, More Accurate, Connection to Your Data

ŌURA began with a goal to create a solution that would help you make informed choices based on how your body responds to your lifestyle. Three years of research led us to the ring, which has a stronger pulse signal from your finger than your wrist. This natural, comfortable form factor provides a constant flow of insightful data, 24/7, no matter what you’re doing.

Every Heart Beat, Every Night’s Rest

With dynamic sensors that sit directly on your finger’s artery, ŌURA recreates your pulse waveform. From this, ŌURA can derive important physiological data: every single heartbeat, plus the distance between each beat when you are sleeping also known as your inter-beat – interval (IBI) or heart rate variability (HRV) and your respiratory rate. This allows ŌURA to accurately determine your sleep stages, including REM, Deep and Light sleep.

Give Your Wrist the Finger

ŌURA directly senses the arteries in your finger for a
stronger signal


Wrist-based trackers sample from your veins, a
weaker pulse point



Your wrist is full of veins, which have a much weaker pulse signal than the arteries on your finger, so current devices forgo battery life to get their readings. This also means devices end up sensing less often – which means they aren’t tracking every heartbeat. The end result is data that isn’t reliable and not robust enough for measuring sleep.

Simply put ŌURA Ring provides a more intelligent, less obtrusive, more constant connection to your body’s signals than any wrist-worn device. Don’t settle for just steps and calorie counts, and inaccurate sleep readings, when you can gather data from the same techniques used in hospitals today.