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If you have already ordered your ring, please check here the estimated time of delivery for your ring based on the date of purchase.


For many of you, the wait for your Oura ring has been long. We have heard your questions, but we have not been able to answer them fully. We have asked you to trust us, but we have been unable to live up to your trust. We apologize for that as a company, and I am also personally apologizing as the CEO of Oura.

Years ago we started working on a ring that would help you reach your full potential through better sleep. In November 2017, we announced the new Oura ring. We never dared to dream that it would become so popular this quickly, and that we’d see so many people we admire wearing the Oura ring. In fact, it was so successful that we have had problems fulfilling all the orders, despite growing the team and solving several bottlenecks in production.

We were very optimistic that we could fulfill all the orders in the time we promised. We were wrong. And while we can’t change the past, we certainly can learn from it. To start regaining your trust, this is what we’re committed to:

1. Realistic shipping estimates

In the past, we have made the mistake of estimating shipping times based on probabilities and majorities. We estimated that the majority of rings would be sent by a certain date and shared that date with you. Going forward, we will give the latest date by which your ring will be shipped. Many will be shipped earlier, but none later.

• We’ve shipped over 50,000 rings and are shipping over 2,500 every week.
• We’re scaling a second manufacturing site and already are looking for a third.

2. Easy cancellation

If you have lost faith in us, you can cancel your order at any time and get a full refund. If you haven’t received your ring and want to cancel your order, send an email to with your order number.

3. Greater transparency

To share information about the delays and shipping dates, we have opened this page for discussion: Check for weekly updates on estimated delivery times for your Oura ring here:

• We will continue to tell you the number and models of rings shipped each week.
• We will update you with information on any delays based on weekly information from our suppliers. This may mean sharing information before we even have the full picture as a company, but it’s the right thing to do to regain your trust.

This page will be open for comments. We’ll listen to your suggestions and keep adding as much information as we can on this page. Please let us know what we can do to keep improving. We hope these are the first steps to regain some of the trust.

We will continue to pursue better days through better sleep. Thank you for believing in us and sharing the journey with us.

Harpreet Rai, CEO Oura Health

Answers to frequently asked questions


  • If you place your order now, it takes 9–12 week for your ring to ship. The actual time frame will depend on the specific ring color, size and model.
  • If you already have placed your order, you can see the estimated shipping time for your ring at
  • The rings are manufactured in model/color/size batches according to the production plan and current supply of covers. Once ready, each ring in these batches will then be sent out to whoever is first in line for that specific model, color and size.
  • Consider an example: Mary orders a Heritage Silver size 6. Kate orders a Heritage Stealth size 8 on the same day. John orders a Heritage Silver size 10 a week later. In some cases, John may get his ring earlier IF the current batch being produced is Heritage Silver.
  • We rotate the batches to 1) maximize the amount of rings produced and 2) ensure an even distribution between different models – depending on the supply of materials available. The goal is to get as many rings to you as possible, while also serving those who are first in line.
  • We demand high precision from our factory assembly. The rigorous training process means that it takes time to train new personnel. We also source our materials very carefully because we want to make sure our rings are produced with the best materials out there. We have experienced delays with our titanium ring covers from our carefully selected suppliers. Together with the high demand for the Oura ring, this has resulted in delays.
  • To increase the amount of rings produced every week, we have scaled up production by adding more assembly shifts and opening up more lines. We’re also scaling up a second manufacturing site.
  • Orders are manufactured in model/color/size batches based on the current supply of material. The manufactured rings will be sent out straight away to those have made the order for that model first.
  • Yes, you’ll receive a shipping notification with tracking details to your email once your ring leaves our facility. In the mean time, keep an eye on the page to stay up to date with your order.


  • We currently have a waitlist due to the high demand of rings. We have also experienced delays in getting some of the materials needed to produce the rings.
  • We have been in contact with the supplier and urged them to deliver the materials as scheduled so we are able to fulfill our orders. We are also taking measures to make sure this is avoided in the future.
  • We have scaled the production to capacity. We are fulfilling all the open orders as fast as we can by opening extra production lines, increasing the factory working hours and providing customers the understanding of current lead times.
  • We’re also building stock as soon as we can for each model, size and color so ring lead times will shorten drastically.
  • We purchase the materials in mass quantities months in advance to fulfill the incoming ring orders. Portions of the large supply order arrive in small batches to our facility and we manufacture rings from all the material we receive. When you order a ring, we cannot give you the exact date your ring will ship because it is dependent of the arrival of the exact materials needed to produce your ring model. We get a notification when this batch is completed and provide you with shipping details.

Customer Service

  • We’re a young start-up growing super fast thanks to all of you. We are hiring and training new customer care agents to be able to fulfill your support requests within 24 hours. Thank you for your patience thus far.
  • Our customer service team has received hundreds of emails everyday, mostly which are emails of people asking when their ring will arrive. This has created a backlog of messages. We will get back to you as soon as we can. In the meantime, see if you can find an answer to your question in the Oura Help Center or this FAQ on this page.
  • We are a global team. The Customer Support team is located mostly in Finland. We are working regular business hours Monday–Friday. At the moment it can take up to 15–20 business days to respond during regular business hours. However, urgent messages will be prioritized due to the heavy inflow of new requests for shipment information. To make sure you can get an answer as fast as possible, we have been hiring and will continue hiring new people to the Customer Support team.
  • If you’re experiencing issues with your device or your data, tips and troubleshooting steps can be found in our Help Center.  Solutions may also be found in the Known issues article.

Order changes and returns

  • Please contact with your order number so our team can process your cancellation. Right now, please allow for 15–20 business days for our team to get back to you.
  • At this time if you need to change the color or model of your ring order, we will cancel your current order and you will need to place a new one at Estimated delivery time is 9–12 weeks, if you place your order now
  • We demand high precision from our factory assembly. The rigorous training process means that it takes time to train new personnel. We also source our materials very carefully because we want to make sure our rings are produced with the best materials out there. We have experienced delays in our titanium ring covers from our carefully selected suppliers. Together with the high demand for the Oura ring, this has resulted in delays.
  • Due to high demand, we do not carry excessive an inventory and all rings are made to order, including replacement rings. Once your ring is ready to be shipped, you will receive a shipping notification via email. Rest assured your wait will be worth it!
  • Replacements may take 9–12 week to deliver right now. The actual time frame will depend based on the specific ring color, size and model. Please see

Rose Oura ring

  • We are sold out of Rose Oura rings for good. We are unable to secure material to consistently fulfill the orders for Rose Oura rings and we have decided to remove it from the shop.
  • If you haven’t received an email from us, your rose ring order is being processed.
  • If you were among the last ones to order the Rose Oura ring, we may not be able to fulfill your order. Our team will email you about the order cancellation and let you know your options.

Last week we've shipped 2,497 rings! 

Here's how many rings have been shipped in the last four weeks. (Last updated on February 19.)


If you have already ordered your ring, please check here the estimated time of delivery for your ring based on the date of purchase.

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3,447 thoughts on “Waitlist

  • How about a “wait list” for when we’re going to get responses from support? Posted an issue over two weeks ago and still no response. Not the first time this has happened by the way.

  • I was shipped mine but it was lost and UPS can not even contact you to file a claim and I can’t get my money back!!!! How do I get this resolved? I’d like my money back and your company doesn’t even reply. I ordered my ring over a year ago!

  • This openness demonstrates everything that is great about his company. I expect you will take some flak for not going further and from people who don’t understand the logistical and commercial challenges involved in the enterprise.

    I ordered my Oura ring a little over a year ago and was fortunate to finally receive it in September, some months later than expected but I was happy.

    And it was more than worth the wait! I had been struggling with very poor sleep for months, having not had an unbroken nights sleep for many months and often suffering almost entirely sleepless nights. Literally within weeks, the data from my ring and the insights I was able to gain, correlating patterns with daily habits, enabled me to target the things that were causing my problems. Sleepless nights are now (almost) a thing of the past for me, and the (now rare) occasions when I do have a problem, my ring helps me get back on track.

    For those still frustrated at not having received their ring, stories like these must only add to that frustration but I would strongly recommend hanging in there! It will be worth it, and the fact that the company is fronting up about these problems says a lot.


  • My Oura ring has not disappointed me, it was well worth the wait, the development team have been very responsive to my feedback and have corrected the step count and the REM and SWS figures are much more representative now. The ring is very convenient to wear and I love the fact that you can turn off the Bluetooth at night and easily reactivate it by placing the ring on the charger. Apart from a few scratches the ring has been very reliable and robust and has tracked my sleep very accurately and communicates well with the Apple Health App. Thank you for being so open about the supply issues, Oura has become a victim of the success of their excellent product however I am confident that they will sort out the supply issues whilst maintaining the quality construction. Keep up the good work!

  • here are issues i raised awhile ago, and i still see them:

    user review after a couple weeks. i like the ring. however, here are issues in no particular order.

    1. step counts is wayyyy off as in sometimes over 50%. this gives useless activity results. need to include a software based user adjustment to counter this and adjust for dominant versus non dominant hand etc. typing and hand movements should not count towards MET. the way off steps and MET gives unusable activity/readiness feedback…
    2. sleep is very different than several fitbits which are know to have good tracking. particularly deep sleep. fitbit shows sometimes 45 min and oura shows 0-15min. huge differences. which is correct? fitbit has been vetted in the past… gives me a not great recovery/readiness score because i walk a lot. walking is not high intensity and there is no reason that just because i walk 15k steps every day that i should have a lowered readiness….. that is a low MET but it shows sometimes med and therefore gives lowered readiness.

    these are the biggest weaknesses i have found. they are big issues and should be addressed as soon as possible i believe.

  • For me your biggest flaw is your lack of response to ALL enquires! I sent a question in June, never got an answer. Then, after recieving the ring (and using it for a month), I sent a technical question. I got a reply after 2 and half weeks. The reply wasn’t complete, so I replied to that email. To this day I haven’t heard back from Oura.

    To me this is at least as bad as giving false promises of delivery. BTW, my ring was scheduled (promised) on August, I got it at the end of December. During that time I received zero emails from Oura, including none about the late delivery.

    I seriously hope you use your resources to hiring people to your customer service! It’s not all about hardware, firmware nor software. Customer ralations matter as well!

  • My fiancé and I, and two of our friends have all received our rings by last October after ordering pretty early on in the process. We all love our rings, even after waiting past the anticipated April.. then June.. then October arrival. When we first heard about the ring, I was nervous about the company being able to deliver on all the features it promised and manufacture all these different colors and sizes. Now I see this is an issue for a lot of folks, but I am also glad that with this many orders their company can continue to perfect these rings for all of us. Overall, I think it is well worth the wait! For those of you who haven’t received your rings yet- hang it there and now it’s worth it if you’re someone who cares strongly about sleep tracking/ heart health/ fitness.

    What I love:
    • The readiness score is also a helpful training tool for runs/ workouts, and I also like the body temp feature.
    • The App: Love the clean, minimal design and the casual, friendly tone of the daily advice. I like how easy it is to scroll through daily/ weekly/ monthly data of various factors.
    • The ring syncs and charges significantly faster than the FitBit I had. Dropping it on the charger disk is super simple.
    • I previously wore a fitbit alta hr for 1.5 yrs before replacing it with the Oura ring, and I am so much happier with how easily it flows into my daily routines, and how comfortable it is,
    • As a style conscious person, the rose gold color of mine fits into both my casual/ professional/ dressy outfits easily.
    • It’s incredibly comfortable and light, and I tend to be hyper sensitive to textures/ metals on my skin.
    • I’m hopeful about the development team to keep refining and adding new features!

    Areas of Improvement:
    • I wish I could track my HR/ HRV while doing heavy weightlifting (deadlifts/ squat bar), but the ring makes my grip awkward due to its bulky size and I’m nervous about damaging it. Would putting it on between sets track properly?
    • I’d love to see women’s health added to the app too, with the ability to track menstrual cycles.
    • I hope future Oura designs will continue to slim down the profile of the ring for people like me with petite hands.

  • This letter is such BS. I waited at least 9 months. You knew exactly what you were doing. If you really felt bad, you would t have taken our $.
    In addition, your customer service rarely replied. It’s horrible. My friends have had similar experiences.

  • Bravo for the courage it took to write that letter.
    I had to wait longer than expected for my ring but it was well worth it. Enjoying all the information it provides.

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