Everything you do is impacted by how well you sleep.

Whether working late or working out, your sleep affects how well you perform.

ŌURA is the Most Accurate Sleep Tracker Available

ŌURA’s proprietary technology and algorithms provide accuracy which can be compared to that of sleep laboratory methods. Since the ŌURA ring accesses the blood volume pulse on the arteries of the finger in high accuracy it can derive pulse waveform, the exact time between the heart beats and other physiological signals to detemine your sleep stages (REM, Deep and Light sleep).

Sleep Matters

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Restore. Recover. Repeat.

In addition to sleep stages ŌURA tracks other physiological signals such as your sleep timing, sleep latency, lowest resting heart rate and disturbances to determine the overall quality and restorativeness of your sleep. The app also uses your sleep data, along with your prior activity data, to create a Readiness score. Your readiness score will guide you in making better lifestyle choices.

Know how ready you are.

ŌURA’s Readiness score guides you in what activity you should be doing to optimize your performance. Whether you’re preparing for a workout or planning how attack your work day, you’ll learn which days to really push your limits and other days when your body needs more time to recover. It all begins with the right information on your rest.