Introducing ŌURA, the world's first wellness ring + app.

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Ōura Ring

To keep up with your performance and well-being, it is important to understand how your body responds to the demands of your daily life. ŌURA helps you optimize your activity levels based on how well your body has recharged from the challenges of your previous days.

Ōura Ring

Getting enough restorative sleep is the key to maintaining mental and physical health. ŌURA ring analyzes your sleep quality by measuring your pulse waveform and heart rate dynamics, body temperature, and movement with research-level accuracy.

Effortlessly in tune with your life

Instead of just measuring individual metrics like steps or heart rate, ŌURA helps you understand how your body responds to your activities, daily choices and rhythms – your lifestyle and behavior – both in the short and long term.

While you’re asleep, the ŌURA ring actively monitors the physiological responses of your body. The ŌURA app delivers personalized and actionable recommendations, visualizing the insights regarding your sleep, activity, and readiness to perform. It helps you understand how to adjust your behavior to achieve better balance and performance – based on how well you have recharged during the night.
Ōura Ring
Ōura Ring

The art of design + technology

Our design combines sophisticated aesthetics with ultimate wearing comfort. ŌURA ring is waterproof and scratch resistant made of high-tech ceramics.


The ring-sized wellness computer

ŌURA ring continuously measures and interprets your body's reactions in relation to your lifestyle. It took several generations of prototypes to fit all of this intelligence into an elegant ring.


Technology that asks a little and gives a lot

ŌURA ring goes a long time on a single charge and recharges in less than 60 minutes. Simply place ŌURA ring in the charger while you are getting ready for work or sleep and you're good to go.

Ring Charger

Your personal sleep coach

ŌURA’s groundbreaking recommendation engine functions like a virtual coach, committed to improving your sleep quality, performance, and readiness to perform. Over time, it learns about you, your body’s reactions and lifestyle, and helps you make small adjustments by providing curated advice.
By understanding how well you have slept and recharged, it can determine your readiness to perform, both mentally and physically. It helps you adjust the intensity and timing of your activities and avoid the symptoms caused by a sedentary lifestyle. Since it senses your body reactions in high detail, it helps you learn about the health benefits specific to your lifestyle.
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Beautifully designed in three unique finishes