ŌURA Ring Arctic White
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ŌURA Ring Arctic White

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Product Description

PLEASE NOTE: Due to extremely high demand, shipping time for Arctic White sizes US7-8 is currently 6-10 weeks.

For alternate solutions, please email support@ouraring.com to work directly with our customer service team.

ŌURA ring measures and analyses your body and learns about you and your lifestyle. It communicates its observations and suggestions through a mobile app. The ŌURA app visualizes the measured data, providing you with personalized recommendations. It delivers clear textual message flow showing the trends, details and changes over time.

ŌURA understands how well you have slept and recharged and helps you to balance your life, get more restful sleep and perform better.

Charger is included with every ŌURA ring.

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Available on iOS and Android.

The ŌURA ring is compatible with the following iOS and Android devices with Bluetooth Smart connectivity.


Supported iOS versions: iOS 9.0 and later

Supported iOS devices

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5 / 5C / 5S
  • iPhone 6 / 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6S / 6S Plus
  • iPhone 7 / 7 Plus


Supported Android OS versions: 5.0 and later

Supported Android devices


  • Galaxy S7 / S7 Edge / S7 Active
  • Galaxy S6 / S6 Edge / S6 Active
  • Galaxy S5
  • Galaxy Note 4 / 5 / 7
  • Galaxy Grand Prime


  • Xperia Z3 /  Z3 Compact
  • Xperia Z5


  • 6 / 6P
  • 5 / 5X


  • G4 / G5
  • V10


  • P9 / P9 Plus / P9 Lite
  • Honor 7 / 8


  • Moto Z / Moto Z Droid / Moto Z Force
  • Droid Turbo / Turbo 2

Device compatibility

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Arctic White


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