Heritage - Silver
$299 USD
  • Made of an ultra lightweight titanium with scratch-resistant coating
  • Water resistant up to 100m
  • Battery life up to 7 days
  • Comes with a charger
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Each style has identical capabilities
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To ensure the most accurate and comfortable fit, we highly recommend completing your order with our free and easy 2-step sizing kit.

Step 1
You’ll first receive the sizing kit. It comes with 8 plastic ring sizers, US 6 to US 13, to help you find the best fit. We recommend wearing a sizer for 24 hours. You can wear the Oura Ring on any finger, on either hand. The index, middle, and ring finger usually work best.

Step 2
Simply follow the instructions inside the sizing kit to confirm your size (online). Upon confirmation, your Oura Ring will ship within one business day.
30 Day Return Period
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It fits easily into my daily life and provides great information about my body that helps me make choices about my day.
- Danielle S
Advanced Sensors
Precise sensors wrapped around your finger, where your pulse is stronger. Capture body signals like resting heart rate, HRV, body temperature, and calorie burn.
Elegant Design
Ultra lightweight at only 4-6 grams. Designed for comfort — day and night.
Durable & Water Resistant
Scratch resistant, durable titanium with a diamond-like carbon coating. Water resistant up to 100m.
1 Week Battery Life
Battery life of up to 1 week with fast, wireless charging
Simple, Personal Insights
Three daily scores — Sleep, Activity, and Readiness — give you a clear understanding of the state of your body with actionable guidance on how to improve
Unrivaled Sleep Monitoring
See your sleep stages — REM, deep, light — and a personalized Sleep Score each morning. Discover your ideal bedtime.
Daily Readiness Score
Find your balance between strain and recovery. Learn how your sleep, activity, and lifestyle choices affect your health each day.
Dynamic Activity Progress
Measure your steps, monitor your inactive time, and reach dynamic activity goals based on your readiness
Long-Term Trends
View your daily, weekly, and monthly trends to discover how your choices and environment affect your body
Take a Moment
Check in with your body using Oura's Moment feature. Get HR & HRV insights immediately following a guided meditation or mindful breathing session.
Apple Health & Google Fit
Automatically sync your workouts from your favorite fitness apps through Apple Health and Google Fit
Track Habits with Tags
Customize your experience by adding tags — like "caffeine" or "alcohol" — and discover how your choices affect your sleep and readiness
Social Sharing
Easily share your scores and insights with family and friends
Oura on the Web
Get a more detailed view of your data with Oura's web experience. See advanced charts and download your data for a deeper analysis.
Oura Teams
Professional organizations, coaches, and health providers can create groups to monitor and improve their progress
  • Sleep score
  • Sleep stages
  • Deep sleep
  • REM sleep
  • Light sleep
  • Total sleep time
  • Time in bed
  • Sleep efficiency
  • Restfulness
  • Latency
  • Bedtime
  • Wake-up time
  • Ideal bedtime
  • Readiness score
  • Resting heart rate (min and average)
  • Heart rate variability (max and average)
  • Body temperature deviation
  • Respiratory rate
  • Sleep balance
  • Activity balance
  • Recovery index
  • Activity score
  • Steps
  • Walking equivalency
  • Activity calorie burn
  • Total calorie burn
  • Inactive time
  • Dynamic activity goal
  • Goal progress
Sensors & Components
  • 2 infared LED sensors
  • 2 NTC body temperature sensors
  • 3D accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
    • Durable titanium
    • Scratch-resistant diamond-like carbon coating (DLC)
    • Non-allergenic, non-metallic, seamless inner molding
    Weight & Dimensions
    • Width: 7.9mm
    • Thickness: 2.55mm — size of a wedding band
    • Weight: 4 to 6 grams (depending on ring size) — lighter than a conventional ring
    Battery & Power
    • Battery Life: Up to 1 week
    • Full charge in 20-80 minutes
    • Stores up to 6 weeks of data
    • Samples PPG at 250Hz
    • Bluetooth Low-Energy Smart
    • Airplane Mode
    Water Resistance
    • Up to 100 meters (more than 328 feet)
    • Free app for iOS and Android
    • Compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit
    • Colors: Black, Silver, Stealth, and Diamond
    • Shapes: Balance and Heritage
    • Available in 8 sizes: US6–US13

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