Pre-Order Update #6: The New Oura App & Schedules

Have you already pre-ordered the new Oura ring? The Pre-Order Updates section of our site is the place to check for new updates, important dates and exclusive sneak peeks. We’ll be publishing updates approximately every two weeks. The sixth Pre-Order Update includes updates on shipping schedules, the new Oura app and sizing invitations.

In Pre-Order Update 6, we’ll give you an update on:

  • Shipping schedules
  • The new Oura app
  • Sizing invitations

Shipping Schedules

The production line is already up and running at our factory, and we’re soon ready to move to mass production stage. The first production batches have already been delivered to our testing programs and our devoted beta users. However, it will take a few extra weeks to receive the import approvals from each local authority of our shipping countries. The import approval process and schedules vary between countries but we’ll start shipping the rings as soon as we start receiving the approvals. The current estimate for shipping to start is in May. More detailed country list can be found from the link below.

The list of shipping countries

We’re ready to start shipping the sizing kits next week.

So, here’s what we are going to do:

  • We’ll use the couple of extra weeks that it takes to get the import approvals for collecting more data from our beta users. We’ll fine-tune the app experience on the basis of their feedback.
  • Once we start receiving the import approvals, the rings will be shipped on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • After the orders start rolling out, we’ll give you a better estimate of your specific order and its timeline.

We’re honoured to have received more than 22,000 pre-orders to date, thank you for your support and patience. We know that you’re eagerly waiting for your rings, and we’re equally eager to deliver them to you!

The New Oura App

The new Oura app was released for iOS yesterday. It comes with a beautiful visual design, new cool features such as notes and tags, and rich data visualizations. To learn more about the new features and see snapshots of the visualizations, check out Introducing the New Oura App blog article.

The new app is available for first generation Oura ring users through App Store update. You’ll need iOS 11 or 10 to use the new app. If you’ve pre-ordered the new Oura ring, you’ll experience the new app when you pair it with your ring.

The new Oura app for Android is available on Google Play before the rings start shipping.

Sizing Invitations

If you have pre-ordered your ring after April 24, you’ll get your sizing invitation soon. For an overview and instruction videos, visit

We’ll be back soon with another update!

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