Pre-Order Update #4: Updates to Oura Cloud

Have you already pre-ordered the new Oura ring? The Pre-Order Updates section of our site is the place to check for new updates, important dates and exclusive sneak peeks. We’ll be publishing updates approximately every two weeks. In our fourth Pre-Order Update we take a look at the newest updates to Oura Cloud and the new Oura app.

Updates to Oura Cloud

If you have the first Oura ring, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve published some much-requested updates to Oura Cloud – the online dashboard where you can dig deep and interact with the data the Oura ring tracks. If you’ve pre-ordered the new Oura ring, you’ll gain access to Oura Cloud once you take your new ring into use.

Make Data Beautiful: CSV Exports Now Available from Oura Cloud

You can now export a CSV (comma-separated value) file from Oura Cloud. When you’re in the Trends view, choose the date range and the fields you want to export, then just press Export Data in the top right corner. Easy. Beautiful. Powerful.

With the CSV export you can combine different data sources and create your own data visualizations. The only limitation is your imagination. In fact, we’d love to see what insights you can get with the data your Oura ring collects. So, if you make a data viz or realize something important when interaction with the raw numbers from your data, let us know! Send us an email to And if it’s OK with you, we’d love to share your findings, too.

Below is just one example of what you can do with the Oura data and a spreadsheet: average sleep scores per weekday for one member of the Oura team, after using the ring for a year. Sleep Scores on Mondays are the worst, Fridays are the best. Living for the weekend, anyone?

Sleep score per weekday graph

Another new update is the ability to select a date range and have Oura Cloud show you the average value for the chosen metric. With average values you can more easily spot trends, outliers and other interesting phenomena in your data.

More Control Over Your Oura Account

When you log into Oura Cloud and navigate to Account, you can change your primary email address and manage connections to other services.

Better Activity Visualizations on Oura Cloud

Also the Activity Tab has been improved to include both activity targets and a better visualization for activity intensity.

New Oura Cloud activity tab

First Look at New Oura App

We’ve been fine-tuning the Oura app experience. Below is a first look at the all new Oura app that will be available as an update for all users through the app stores on iOS and Android. If you’re already using the Oura app, none of your data will be lost when you update.

This is just a sneak peek, we’ll share more details about the new app in future Pre-Order Updates. Stay tuned!

Two different views of Oura app

Shipping Estimates and Status

  • First rings to be shipped out in April
  • Rings to be sent out in batches during spring and early summer

Remember to send us your data visualizations to! We’ll be back with another Pre-Order Update in two weeks.

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