Pre-Order Update #3: Questions and Answers

Have you already pre-ordered the new Oura ring? The Pre-Order Updates section of our site is the place to check for new updates, important dates and exclusive sneak peeks. We’ll be publishing updates approximately every two weeks. In our third Pre-Order Update we answer the questions you’ve sent us – from the simple yet important to the unexpected.

General Questions

What should I call the new Oura ring?

There are two Oura rings: the first Oura ring that was launched in 2015 that’s no longer being sold. Then there’s the new Oura ring (announced in 2017). We call them the first Oura ring and the new Oura ring.

Why are some people already sharing their stories with the Oura ring? Why do they have the new Oura ring?

The first Oura ring was launched in 2015. We’re sharing the stories of people who have used the first Oura ring.

I love the Oura ring I have!

While not technically a question, we love the first Oura ring too! You don’t have to update to the new Oura ring if you don’t want to. The new app will work with the first Oura ring but some features will be unavailable and not every new feature update will be compatible with the first Oura ring. Please note that you can only use one ring per account, so if you decide to wear both the new ring and the first Oura ring you’ll basically need two phones and two accounts.

Shipments and Getting the Oura Ring

Will everyone get the new Oura ring at the same time?

No. The rings are shipped on a first-come-first-served basis. If you were one of the first to pre-order, you’ll be one of the first to receive the new ring. The first rings will start shipping out in May (updated). They will be shipped in batches during the spring and early summer.

When will I get my ring?

We’ll send you more information related specifically to your order closer to the start of shipments. The new rings will be shipped out in batches and we can’t at this time estimate when exactly your ring will arrive. We’d rather wait a bit and make sure than set you up for a disappointment.

Can I make changes to my order? Like changing to a different design?

Please contact our customer care for changes by submitting a support request.

If I want to pre-order the new Oura ring, will I be charged right away or once the rings are shipped?

At this stage we charge orders at the time of the order.

Can I return the ring?

Sure. Here’s our return policy.

Oura Ring Sizing

Can I already select my size?

Not yet. We’ll send everyone an email that takes them to a page in which they can choose their size. We’ll send out these emails in batches, so if your friend gets the email before you do, it’s OK, yours is coming too. With the email you’ll also get more information and video instructions on how to choose the right size for you.

Where can I order the sizing kit?

The Oura Sizing Kit is not the only option to find your ring size. You can visit a jewelry store, print 3D sizers, use your old Oura ring as a reference or order a sizing kit. You cannot order the sizing kit yet. The upcoming sizing email will have more information on how you can find out your size and how you can let us know which size you choose.

Does it matter what time of the day I do the ring sizing?

Yes and no. The size of your fingers changes throughout the day. Usually, your fingers are slightly swollen during the night and right after you wake up. When your fingers are cold, they’re usually the thinnest they get. When trying on the sizing rings, it’s best to warm up your hands. You can take a walk around the block, take the stairs or do some jumping jacks (remember to warm up for your warm up) and then try the sizing rings. It’s usually better to choose the bigger size if you’re having trouble choosing between two sizes. The ring should feel comfortable right after you wake up.

How carefully should I pick the right size for me?

When the ring fits you perfectly, the chances of you wearing it continuously for years to come are the greatest. A good fit ensures you get the benefits of uninterrupted long-term data.

The smallest ring size is too big. What can I do?

The smallest Oura ring size is US6. If it’s too big for you and you really want to wear the Oura ring, you could try adding some padding (inside and top) or wearing it on your thumb. We generally don’t recommend padding though because it adds a layer of friction to the otherwise smooth inner surface. Also, let us know if there’s a need for smaller sizes and we’ll promise to look into it. However, the size range for the foreseeable future is US6 to US13.

The biggest ring size is too small? What can I do?

Drop us a line and let us know. We’ll look into extending the size range if there’s enough demand for the big sizes. However, the size range for the foreseeable future is US6 to US13.

Wearing the Oura Ring

Which finger should I wear it on?

You can wear it on any finger, on either hand. We usually recommend either the index, middle or ring finger.

Can I wear the Oura ring on my toe?

Nope. The Oura ring is meant to be worn on a finger. That said, we’ve actually tried wearing it on a toe with some luck, but it’s not really designed for that.

The Oura App

Does the Oura app cost something?

No. The app is free and available for iOS and Android.

Can I use the app without a ring?

Not really.

Do you publish updates and new features to the Oura app?

Yes. We’re continuously improving the Oura app and the ring firmware. The new ring opens up many new opportunities and we’ll be building and expanding the new features based on your feedback.

Will the app be available in other languages than English?

Not at first. There are plans to introduce more languages but right now it’s only English.

New features

Will the new features, such as on-demand resting heart rate tracking, be available with the first Oura ring?

Many of the new features will be available also with the first Oura ring. On-demand resting heart rate is one of the new features that very likely won’t be compatible with the first Oura ring.

More detail on the HRV feature… While exercising? Readiness? Biofeedback meditation? Napping?

The on-demand resting heart rate and heart rate variability feature is meant to be used while meditating or during breathing exercises. The ring will also track restful moments, such as naps. You can start and stop tracking with the app. For the duration of the recording, the ring will send your heart rate and heart rate variability to the app, in which you can see it in real-time. The feature cannot be used during exercising. You also cannot cheat the system by leaving the recording on for the day.
Update: on-demand resting heart rate and heart rate variability coming later this year.

This is my first experience with the Oura ring. Where can I find information about all the features, not just the new ones?

Here you go. In addition, many of our users have written in-depth articles about the first Oura ring. This is a good one.

Using the Oura Ring

Can I swim with the Oura ring?

Yes. It’s water resistant to 100 m. You can swim, shower and go snorkelling with the Oura ring. During our tests we haven’t been able to get water inside any of the rings but we’ll keep pushing the limits.

Can I go to sauna with my ring?

Yes, the ring can withstand hot temperatures.

Can I use the ring in freezing temperatures?

Yes. Just keep your finger from freezing. The ring on it will be just fine.

Can I lift weights with the Oura ring?

We don’t recommend doing exercises in which the ring rubs against metal or other hard surfaces. There is also the risk of discomfort or hurting yourself if you wear a ring while lifting heavy weights.

Does the ring get scratches easily? Or can it scratch other rings?

No, not easily. The titanium with diamond-like coating (DLC) is resistant to scratches, but it has its limitations. And yes, the Oura ring can scratch softer metals like silver or gold. We don’t recommend wearing two rings next to each other.

Can I take a shower with the Oura ring? What about a bath?

Yes. And yes.

What about EMF?

If you’re concerned about EMF, you can turn on the Airplane Mode in the new Oura ring. The ring collects data even if it’s in Airplane Mode but it won’t transmit anything. More info here.

Is the ring safe to wear when hitting a heavy bag?

We don’t recommend doing combat sports, martial arts or other impact sports with any ring.

Is there a way I can let someone else use the ring for one day without having an effect on my data?

Not really. There is no way to manually erase specific data from the app.

I’m a man, can I wear a ring?

For sure. The Oura ring designs are unisex. Choose whichever ring catches your fancy. Many have reported getting compliments after they’ve started using the ring.

I’m looking for a partner and I’m a bit hesitant about getting a ring because some people might think I’m not single. What can I do about this?

You can wear the Oura ring only at night if you choose. Alternatively, you can practise a smooth pocket move in which you remove the ring from your finger if you spot a potential mate. That said, the ring has turned out to be a great conversation starter. We’ve actually witnessed some wedding proposals with the Oura ring so it might actually help you too.

Can I wear two Oura rings at the same time?

Technically yes. You’ll need two phones and two accounts, however.

In case of emergency, can the ring be cut?

Yes, it can be cut from it’s thinnest point, palm side of the finger with standard ring cutters.


What’s the difference between the new rings: Balance, Heritage and Balance Diamond?

The rings look different. The functionality is the same.

What is the difference between Balance and Heritage?

For images of the differences, check out this article.

Which color and design looks the best?

You have to decide for yourself.

Are the diamonds on Balance Diamond real diamonds?

Yes, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Charging the Oura Ring

My partner has a smaller Oura ring than I do. Can we use the same charger?

Nope. The chargers for the new Oura ring are size-specific and the charger and the ring need to make an accurate fit so that charging works optimally. Every Oura ring is shipped with a charger though.

Is it better to charge the new Oura ring from flat to full, or to charge it a little each day?

To ensure optimal battery performance, instead of partial charging, charge the ring until the battery is full whenever possible.

Can I use any wireless charger to charge the new Oura ring?

No. You’ll have to charge the Oura ring with the Oura ring charger. A flat charging pad won’t work with the Oura ring.

Can I use a phone charger to charge the new Oura ring?

Not as such. Only the new Oura ring charger can charge the Oura ring. However, if you phone charger has a USB-C connector going into your phone, it can equally well go to the Oura charger as well. Alternatively you can plug the Oura USB-C cable into your phone charger if there’s a place for it.

Can I get a second charger so I can have one both at home and at work?

Yes. We’ll make the chargers available at as an accessory.

Can I plug in other than the Oura USB cable to the Oura charger?

Sure, if that cable is a standard USB-C cable suitable for charging. We recommend using high quality cables to be safe.

Where can I plug the USB cable to get power to the Oura charger?

Anything with a standard USB-A outlet, typically your laptop or a separate USB charger or dock.

Can I use the charger anywhere in the world?

Yes. The charger comes with a USB-A to USB-C cable. You can connect the charger to your laptop, for example.

Connecting with Other Apps and Services

What data do you share with Apple Healthkit?

Sleep Analysis, both the “in bed” and “asleep” time; “in bed” can contain more than one “asleep” period when Oura detects awake time while in bedHeart Rate, in this case the lowest resting heart rate during sleep.

Active Energy, i.e. calories burned in physical activity in addition to the Resting Energy (also known as idle burn or basal metabolic rate, BMR).

Weight, if you edit it in the app

Height, if you edit it in the app

Do you integrate with any other apps?

Yes. The Clue app and

Is my data safe?

Yes. Your privacy is a top concern for us. Your data is always handled securely.

Can I download my Oura data as a csv file, or an Excel sheet?

This functionality is coming but not right at the shipment start.

Is there an API for interacting with the data the Oura ring gathers?

Yes. The Oura Cloud API makes it easy to access the data the ring gathers and calculates. To use Oura Cloud API, you need an Oura account and you have to register your application. You can read the documentation here.

Transitioning from Using the First Oura Ring

What happens when I change from the first Oura ring to the new one?

The new Oura app update will be published at the same time as the rings ship out. Sync your first Oura ring to the app. Your data will be stored in the Oura Cloud. Take the new ring into use with the updated Oura app. Your data will be synced from the Oura Cloud to the updated app. None of your historical data will be lost.

I’m still thinking of ordering. Where can I get the new Oura ring?

From our site: Or from one of our small but quickly growing number of distribution partners. But right now, our website is globally the place to go.

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