Pre-Order Update #12: Open Beta Available for Android 6.0 and Higher

Shipment Status and Schedules

Approximately 70% of the users in Pre-Order Group A have had their rings shipped. We’re shipping out the remaining rings in Group A in the next two weeks. We are shipping hundreds of rings every day and you will each get your ring soon! Since many of you have asked for more information on certain models and colors, this Pre-Order Update goes into more detail on those. We sincerely apologize for the delay and we understand your frustration. As a result, we’ve also decided to create a free product giveaway for all of you for being a valued Oura customer! Please read below for details on how to enter.

Below are the shipment statuses and estimates based on order date.

GROUP A: Pre-Order Placed in 2017

  • More than 70% of orders shipped by August 31.
  • Over 90% of the remaining orders will be shipped by September 14
  • We have had some delays on Rose components from our suppliers, but those models should be shipped by September 30.
  • Certain components for Heritage rings arrived earlier than Balance rings. As a result more of Heritage rings have been shipped than Balance rings.
  • All Balance Diamond rings estimated to be shipped by September 30

GROUP B: Pre-Order Placed: January 1 –  May 31, 2018

  • First shipments sent by August 31
  • 70% of Silver, Black and Stealth rings estimated to be shipped by September 30.
  • All Silver, Black and Stealth rings estimated to be shipped by October 15.
  • Majority of Rose rings estimated to be shipped by October 15.
  • All Balance Diamond rings estimated to be shipped by September 30.

GROUP C: Order placed: June 1 – Aug 8, 2018

  • First shipments sent by September 30.
  • All shipments sent by October 31.
  • New orders after Group C according to original shipping estimate of 8–12 weeks.

The latest shipment estimates are also available in our FAQ page.

Open Beta Now Available for Android 6.0

UPDATE: The official Oura app for Android is now available in the Google Play Store for phones running Android 6.0 or higher. To install, search for Oura or go to this page on your phone. More info here.

The Open Beta for the Oura app for Android is now available for phones running Android version 6.0 and higher. To join the Open Beta, follow these instructions.

Product Giveaway!

Our mission is to help all of you sleep better. The start has been a bit rough, because many of you are still waiting for your rings. However, to celebrate nearly half of pre-orders fulfilled we’re having a Sleep Better Giveway that you can join if you want. It may not be as good as that “Your Order Has Been Completed” email but it’s one way of saying that we’re here for you.

Prizes include:

  • 50 x Blue Light Blockers from TrueDark
  • 10 x extra Oura ring chargers
  • 5 pairs of unique Oura woolly socks from Finland! (Hand-knitted by the Oura team)

You can participate in the giveaway here. The giveaway ends on Thursday, September 6, 2018, 11.45 PM PT. Read the official rules here.

Unboxing the new Oura ring

Last time we asked you for your unboxing experiences. We’ve seen some fantastic ones over on Facebook and Instagram. Thanks everyone for sharing! We know that many of you have been, in your own words, “stalking the hashtag #ouraring” and it’s great to see many of you receiving the rings and sharing the positive first impressions. Truly appreciated.

InstagramStats after the first night by @sandyknutrition

“The more I wear and use it the more information it will gather about me, my habits, my health – it is WAY more than just a sleep tracker and with time, more and more information is gathered about my general health. It’s a beautiful ring and the quality is amazing. I’ve had different types of trackers in the past and they don’t quite compare to this in terms of attractiveness and the stats provided.”

InstagramQuick review after first 18 days by @kalliojoona

“First of all I love the way the ring is designed: it’s stunning and surprisingly light weight. Surface is durable and the ring is easy to clean. Combined with (up to) 1 week of battery life, you can really wear & forget about it.”

Youtube“OURA ring 2 Unboxing” by The Enthusiast Experiment

“Lighter than I expected. Just a tad heavier than the actual trial kit, which is very interesting. So very light. Not a problem. That’s actually going to be really nice when you’re going to wear it.”

Reaching the Oura Support Team

Many of you have been reaching out to our team for help and information. To make sure you get an answer as quickly as possible we have added new members to the Oura Support Team and we’re currently hiring more new people to join the team.

Useful Links is a hub for all your frequently asked questions regarding sizing, taking the ring into use, and other Oura related information. We’ll add new content to the hub regularly.

Sizing: the new Oura ring

If you haven’t yet confirmed your ring size, you can do it at

Getting started

This is the section that helps you take the ring and the app into use.

About the new Oura ring

Here you’ll find useful information about ring materials and sensors, the new Oura app and ring battery life and much more.

The next Pre-Order Update will be published on the week of September 17. Until then, follow us on social @ouraring and keep an eye on the hashtag #ouraring.

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