Pre-Order Update #1: A Note About Oura Ring Sizing and Charger

Have you already pre-ordered the new Oura ring? The Pre-Order Updates section of our site is the place to check for new updates, important dates and exclusive sneak peeks. We’ll be publishing updates approximately every two weeks.

Finding the Right Oura Ring Size

Many of you have asked us about the sizing process. The first rings are scheduled to be shipped in May 2018 (updated) and will be shipped on a first-come-first-served basis. Before you get the ring you’ll need to know the right ring size for you. The new Oura ring is available in 8 sizes (US6 to US13). We’ll send you detailed information about the sizing process later this spring, but here’s a quick overview of where we are right now.

We have two main aims:

  1. To make it easy for you to find the right ring size.
  2. To enable fast delivery, without forgetting the ecological footprint of transportation.

Option 1: Ring Sizing in a Jewelry Store

The number 1 option we’re looking at right now is for you to pop into a jewelry store and try the standard US wide-band sizers to determine your size. This way you can complete your order and receive the Oura ring with just one shipment (that is, when we ship the Oura ring to you). We’re currently testing this approach and making sure that finding the right Oura ring size is possible with standard ring sizers.

If you’re not in the US, you can ask the jewelry store to convert the ring sizes to US ring sizes or use a ring size conversion chart yourself. We’ll share more detailed instructions once the sizing process starts.

Option 2: Oura Ring Sizing Kit

Option number 2 is to have an Oura Sizing Kit shipped to you, after which you use the mockups to find the right size, and then update your order and receive the ring. This way you can spend more time in testing out different sizes, but you’ll also have to wait a bit longer for the Sizing Kit to reach you in the first place. The sizing process will kick off later this spring which means you can’t order a sizing kit right now.

Option 3: 3D Printing Sizing Rings

We’re also looking into whether we could make a 3D model available so that you could 3D print the sizing rings yourself, one by one.

Can I Just Order the Same Ring Size as My First Oura Ring?

The new Oura ring is smaller, narrower and more light-weight compared to the first Oura ring. If you have the first Oura ring or you have used the sizing kit for the first Oura ring to determine your size, you may or may not be able to use the same size. We’re currently running some tests and gathering feedback internally to see whether the first Oura ring size is a good estimate for the size of the new Oura ring. We’ll keep you posted about the results in the upcoming Pre-Order Updates.

What To Do Next

Right now, you don’t have to do anything. We’ll send more detailed information and guidance on how to choose the right size later this spring. We’ll start the sizing process in waves, so if you know someone who gets the sizing information before you do, don’t worry. It’s coming.

The Oura Ring Charger

The new Oura ring ships with a new charger. If you have the first Oura ring, its charger will not be compatible with the new ring.

The Oura ring charger

The chargers are ring-size specific. This means, for example, that you can only charge a US6 size ring with the US6 size charger. The wireless charging allows for a seamless inner molding for the ring but also requires an exact fit between the ring and the charger.

  • Wireless charging
  • One color: black
  • Diameter 47.5mm
  • Max. height 17.39mm
  • USB-C (USB-A to USB-C cable included)
  • Specific to ring size
  • Charging times: 20–80 minutes depending on how often you charge the ring

Thanks for pre-ordering the new ring! We’ll be back with another pre-order update in two weeks.

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