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What’s the big deal with sleep?

When you sleep better, you’re more ready to perform. Oura will help you do both.
Why sleep

Go deep on sleep

Deep sleep is the time when our bodies are working hardest to recover – strengthening our minds and repairing our bodies from the previous day’s physical exertion. On average adults spent 1 to 1.5 hours of their total sleep time in deep sleep. If you’re getting enough deep sleep, you’ll wake up refreshed and rejuvenated.
The technology in the ring tracks sleep similar to the way the Apple Watch does, but it is packaged in a considerably smaller form that can be worn on your finger.
The device packs an astonishing amount of technical capacity into a tiny, elegant surface area.
This is a great-looking smart ring that’ll switch you onto your wellbeing in a way that we’ve yet to see from other brands.
It’s packed with sensors that can track a whole host of metrics, including your activity, pulse, steps, sleep and body temperature.

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Discover the benefits of better sleep from enhanced productivity to improved physical perofrmance.

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While every individual follows their own path, the road to improvement starts with setting the right baseline of knowledge, and then taking the right steps and making the right choices to succeed. We’re with you every step of the way.
The Oura ring is hands down the best wearable available on the market. Its sleep accuracy is far superior to any other device (and I’ve tested a lot!).
Alex Fergus
Health Enthusiast, Coach and Trainer
I cannot recommend this ring highly enough to keep accurate tabs on everything that is going on with your body, sleep, recovery and more.
Ben Greenfield
Top National Personal Trainer
The Oura ring has better data than anyone else. It’ll tell you if you’re under- or over-trained.
Kevin Rose
Entrepreneur and founder of Digg
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