Oura Community | Josh Trent on Creating Positive Feedback Loops

Around the globe, in all facets of life, the Oura Community is overflowing with motivated people accomplishing some pretty impressive goals. From time to time, we will feature the stories of these individuals to inspire and enlighten us all.

A Conversation with Josh Trent: Creating Positive Feedback Loops

Today, we are happy to share the thoughts of Josh Trent – the founder of Wellness Force. We’re proud to call Josh one of our Ambassadors, as he as well as anyone, understands the importance of whole body wellness. From the importance of feedback in service of changing our habits, paying attention to our restorative moments and the importance of sleep, he just gets it. It’s the reason why he’s built one of the most popular podcasts for self-improvement.

Listen to the lively and informative conversation with Josh now.

Josh Trent in studio

Josh Trent of Wellness Force

During the conversation you’ll hear Josh share:

–       The origin story of his Wellness Journey
–       How he employs technology in training
–       The value of feedback loops
–       Why positivity is so important
–       The physiology behind learning and overcoming obstacles
–       The REAL secret to change (spoiler alert: it’s not that secret)

Here’s an excerpt of what Josh has to say about the right mindset for change:

“A lot of it has to do with really being honest… Just say to yourself, what’s the truth? What is my truth? What does that actually mean to me as far as like why my goal is so important? Most people don’t want to lose weight. They think they want to lose weight. They think they want to have like a six pack or whatever it is, but they actually don’t want that. The truth is they want the feeling. They want the essence of how they’ll be – their way of being when they have that six pack or when they have less body fat. Why do I want to feel this essence?”

Ready? Hear the full interview now.

Our thanks to Josh for sharing his time and insights with the Oura Community!

Wellness force podcast ad with Petteri Lahtela and Josh Trent

Also, in case you haven’t heard the interview on Wellness Force Radio, listen to Josh interview our own Petteri Lahtela on Oura and chronotypes.

Until next time this is your Oura Conversation host, Dave, signing off.

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