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This page is updated every two weeks. Last updated: November 15, 2018.

Over 25,000 rings have been shipped worldwide! Most of the pre-orderers have their rings now and we’ve been hearing a ton of great feedback from you. Thanks everyone for your support and love, it’s been great sharing this beautiful beginning with you. ❤️

We apologize for the delays we’ve had along the way but our production has scaled up well and we’re producing more rings than ever before. That means that those that are waiting for their rings will get theirs very soon. Thanks everyone and remember to share your Oura stories with the hashtag #ouraring!

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Great days start with good sleep, but good sleep isn't something that just automatically happens when it's bedtime. There are so many variables in our "great days" that can impact the quality of your Zzz from diet to environment to activity. I've been posting screenshots from my @ouraring app in my stories since Sept and answering your guys' questions in the DM. _ It gives you a readiness score that takes into account your sleep balance, previous day's activity, steps, calories burned, body temperature, resting heart rate, recovery index, and more, all of which you can drill down for deeper analytics in each category. _ For example, the sleep score can show me a high level gamified number or I can expand to see my total sleep, efficiency, disturbances, rem sleep, deep sleep, latency, timing, and light sleep. _ As someone that is running two growing businesses, traveling, dealing w/ hormone imbalances as I treat a pituitary tumor, and living with PTSD, all of these data sets help inform how I will spend my day, what I may or may not eat, and how I choose my fitness intensity. The success of those choices can be measured by how it effects my data set the next day: improved sleep, YAY. not improved, try something else. _ In fact, this ring creepily predicted I was getting sick TWO days before I actually got sick with the flu. Initially I shrugged it off, but I was wrong and the ring was correct, and if I took it seriously at the time, I would have loaded up on the proper herbs/supplements to support my immune system. _ I could go on and on about how I use this ring and hope to impact the future roadmap of how they share data/incorporate action items, but for now, I wanted to throw this post up since enough of you have inquired in the DMs. _ Also, I've asked them to set up a code for $50 off if you use eatplaycrush on your purchase. It would make a wicked awesome holiday present for the data nerds in your life or inspire someone who isn't to start paying attention to how their daily habits impact their much needed irreplaceable sleep. #eatplaycrush #ouraring

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See details by tapping on the group name below. Orders after group D according to original shipping estimate. See previous Pre-Order Updates here.


  • 99% of orders shipped! Remaining rings estimated to be shipped by November 30. Coming soon!
  • 90% of orders shipped! Great to see so many of you have got your rings! A huge thanks goes out to everyone who pre-ordered, your support has been invaluable. The remaining rings will be shipped very soon!
  • More details below on which models have shipped already.

GROUP B: Percentage of orders shipped

Heritage Silver:  88%
Heritage Stealth:  97%
Heritage Black:  98%
Heritage Rose:  95%
Balance Black:  98%
Balance Rose:  76%
Balance Silver:  82%
Balance Diamond: 99%
Total shipped: 90%
Estimated shipping times

  • Shipment estimates for the remaining models and sizes detailed in the table below.
Models / Sizes
Balance Black Dec 3 Dec 5 Dec 6 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 13 Dec 3
Balance Diamond Shipped Shipped Shipped Shipped Shipped Shipped Shipped Shipped
Balance Rose Dec 15 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 15 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 15
Balance Silver Dec 3 Dec 5 Dec 7 Dec 5 Dec 6 Dec 5 Dec 7 Dec 3
Heritage Black Shipped Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 3
Heritage Rose Dec 6 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 15 Dec 15
Heritage Silver Dec 7 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 3
Heritage Stealth Shipped Dec 5 Dec 15 Dec 6 Dec 5 Dec 5 Dec 6 Dec 3
  • 34% of orders shipped already! We’re making more rings each week and we’ve been able to solve the bottlenecks we have had before. That means your ring is coming very soon!
  • 90% of rings estimated to be shipped by November 30! More details below on which models have shipped already.

GROUP C: Percentage of orders shipped

Heritage Silver:  27%
Heritage Stealth:  62%
Heritage Black:  47%
Heritage Rose:  66%
Balance Black:  25%
Balance Rose:  43%
Balance Silver:  15%
Balance Diamond: 100%
Total shipped: 34%

  • 90% of orders estimated to be shipped by Dec 15. More details below on which models have shipped already.

Heritage Silver:  28%
Heritage Stealth:  34%
Heritage Black:  46%
Heritage Rose:  13%
Balance Black:  37%
Balance Rose:  52%
Balance Silver:  25%
Balance Diamond: 89%
Total shipped: 33%

Most new orders after September 30 will be shipped out after the orders in Group D. Thanks for your patience!

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