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Oura Ring — the most accurate, comfortable, and beautiful wearable available — released a new feature for quantifying meditation: Moment.

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Moment offers on-demand meditation tracking by measuring resting heart rate and heart rate variability (HRV), two data points highly correlated with stress and heart health. Oura Ring users can now track the impact of their meditation sessions to get actionable information about their practice and its effect on their bodies.

Moment builds on Oura Ring’s sleep tracking features, which provide users with information about their heart rate, heart rate variability, body temperature, respiratory rate, and sleep stages, producing a daily Sleep Score and Readiness Score. By analyzing a user’s trends over time, the Oura app is able to suggest an optimal sleep schedule, advise on recovery, and confirm readiness for physical training.

Moment Details

  • Moment quantifies mindful moments and meditation practices to illustrate the link between mind and body like never before
  • HRV data encourages users to self-study how different meditation sessions affect them physiologically, leading to an optimized routine
  • Users experiment with their practice to see how choices like increasing or decreasing time spent meditating effects resting heart rate and heart rate variability
  • Moment was designed to be versatile because mindfulness is personal — there is no right or wrong way to take a breather
  • No prescriptive programs or must-follow instructions; can be used with the user’s favorite guided meditation app or video, or to develop a freeform practice


“As a society, we’ve become more distracted than ever and it’s wearing on our bodies and minds. Sleep and meditation are investments in our future self which helps bring more connection, awareness, and presence into our lives.” -Harpreet Rai, CEO, Oura Ring

“What I’ve appreciated the most about the Oura Ring is that simply wearing it is a powerful reminder of how important sleep is to my health. Now with the Moment feature, I have a great reminder of my meditation practice, and one that will help me understand how I’m doing.” -Jack Dorsey, founder and CEO Twitter and Square

“Building the life you want takes focus, work, resiliency, inspiration, and support. Sustaining YOU is about rest and recovery. My Oura Ring helps me better understand how well I’m taking care of myself while I sleep at night and during my mindful moments during the day.” -Natalie Ellis, Co-Founder and CEO, Boss Babe Inc.

“I use an Oura Ring to fine-tune the biggest human hack everyone should use… An amazing night of sleep. We often sacrifice the only thing that helps us be the best we can be. Thanks to the new Moment feature in the app, I can now track my naps, meditation and body status at any moment of the day. Owning 5 different companies, I can find myself being in the middle chaos quite often. I love taking a moment to breathe and calm down to come back stronger for our team. Being able to see my HRV and heart rate tracking helps me improve the way I recharge in a short period of time.” -Marc Fitt, serial entrepreneur and world-class fitness model

“As a busy mom, I sometimes find myself caught up in the roller coaster of life. Oura Ring’s new Moment meditation tracking inspires me to commit to taking a few minutes out of the day just for me, to rest, recharge and connect with my body and mind.”  -Actress and co-founder of RE/SHAPE Ali Landry

“Oura is solving a universal problem of helping people to get enough quality sleep. Moment is a natural adjacency of the Oura Ring into the growing meditation space, and I’m excited that companies like Oura are helping users understand the connection between body and mind.” -Michel Dell, Chairman and CEO Dell Technologies and MSD Capital

Oura Ring Basics

  • The Oura Ring is the most accurate, comfortable and beautiful wearable focused on providing actionable information about sleep and readiness
  • Getting enough restorative sleep is critical for both cognitive and physical health. Oura’s technology allows users to track sleep patterns over time, including how much time is spent in various sleep stages, as well as body temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and heart rate variability. Oura then makes recommendations for aligning activity and sleep schedules with your personal circadian rhythms and nightly restoration patterns.
  • Oura Ring is a market leader in the fast-growing wearable health tech market (projected at $22 billion by 2022) and with Moment is expanding further into the $4.2 trillion global wellness market. To date, Oura Rings have tracked over ten million nights of sleep for more than 75,000 users in 70 countries.

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