Life with Ōura

Working together with style and culture magazine, Alvar; we show how Ōura enhances the lives of people around the world.



Vesa is a creative director in the fashion industry; he wears the discreetly stylish, Ōura ring. As a former dancer, exercise remains an important part of his life. Adopting a ring that studies his activity and recovery, gives Vesa’s body a voice. Using Ōura’s app; he can understand the best time for rest, sleep and the next workout.

Andrew manages a gallery, as varied as his days may be; much of his time is spent sat at a desk. Ōura can remind him when it is time to […]

Andrew's Story

As a makeup artist, it is important Yuko presents herself well. Ōura helps her to manage her sleep while juggling a hectic travel schedule. Not only able to suggest the […]

Yuko's story