Life with Ōura

Working together with style and culture magazine, Alvar; we show how Ōura enhances the lives of people around the world.



Andrew manages a gallery, as varied as his days may be; much of his time is spent sat at a desk. Ōura can remind him when it is time to take a break from his screen and move. The ring also shows Andrew the benefits of his evening yoga, reflected in his resting heart rate and recorded through his personal responses.

Vesa is a creative director in the fashion industry; he wears the discreetly stylish, Ōura ring. As a former dancer, exercise remains an important part of his life. Adopting a […]

Vesa's Story

As a makeup artist, it is important Yuko presents herself well. Ōura helps her to manage her sleep while juggling a hectic travel schedule. Not only able to suggest the […]

Yuko's story