Senior Android Developer

Finland, Helsinki or Oulu

Full Time

Send your application to careers@ouraring.com

We are looking for a Senior Android Developer to develop the Oura Android app together with the team. You will be working closely with our Android and iOS developers, UX designers, backend developers and scientists. Together we are building a product that helps our users to get more restorative sleep, and to see how their lifestyle affects their body and mind.

We are looking for you, if you

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As a Senior Android Developer at Oura, you will

Why Oura?

We at Oura Health love what we do and will always strive to learn more and dig deeper into our research and analytics, to stay engaged and creative in everything we do. We respect our partners, privacy and the scientific method. We are helpful and friendly – especially when giving advice. We motivate, help and support the Oura community by giving constructive and personalized feedback for anyone who wants to optimize their mental and physical health and performance.

We are a multi-disciplinary team of over 30 experts in hardware engineering, software development, machine learning, bioscience, industrial and UX design, production, marketing and customer care. Our work culture is passionate but relaxed. At Oura, you’re allowed to speak your mind, grow and take responsibility.

Our recruitment process

  1. Send your application to careers@ouraring.com. Briefly describe something you have build and are proud of. Add links to products you have worked on. Tell us why you are excited about working at Oura, and attach your CV.
  2. We’ll have a short meeting over Google Hangouts with selected candidates. We want to learn more about you and what makes you tick.
  3. In-person technical interview. We discuss your past projects, things that you are most proud of. We don’t make anyone to write home assignments for us, but we might do a coding exercise or discuss through your existing code. Having public code repositories, or publicly available products you have build (apps, web services, …) helps us to assess your programming skills.
  4. Meeting our team and founders at Oura headquarters in Oulu. We are a distributed team between Oulu, Helsinki, San Francisco and a couple of other cities, but we are still a big family and you learn to know everyone.

About Oura Health Ltd.

Oura Health Ltd. is a Finnish health technology company founded in 2013. Oura is the world’s first smart ring and app that shows how your body responds to your lifestyle by analyzing your sleep, activity levels, daily rhythms and the physiological responses in your body. Personalized for you, Oura guides you towards better sleep, recovery and readiness to perform. Oura has users in over 50 countries, and several top universities, research organizations, sleep clinics, and companies are utilizing the data and insights Oura provides.

In addition to the CES 2016 Best of Innovation Award, Oura Health has received among others the Fitness Award of the American Women’s Health Magazine in May 2016. In 2017, Oura Health was selected as the Best Health/Lifestyle Startup in Finland at the Nordic Startup Awards. Oura Health Ltd.’s HQ and major manufacturing facilities are located in Oulu, Finland. Other locations include Helsinki and San Francisco.

We’re hiring once we find the right person for the job. So send your application careers@ouraring.com sooner than later!

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