Women’s Health

UCSD Study Shows Clear Oura Temperature Increase After Conception

results show that Oura Ring’s nighttime temperature data would have been able to identify pregnancies early - an average of 5.5 days after conception and an average of 9 days before they received a positive at-home pregnancy test.

Why Menstrual Cycles Vary and How Oura Data Can Help

Currently, there aren’t many available tools that can help you learn about your personal cycling patterns. Researchers at Oura wanted to help answer these types of questions by compiling anonymized data across 40,000 menstrual cycles from the Oura Community.

Oura Helps Me Spot Changes In My Cycle

Dr. Carrie uses Oura to monitor changes in her menstrual cycle and hopes that sharing her insights can help others spot the impact of hormones on their bodies. 

UCSD Pregnancy Study

UCSD Launches Study Using Oura To Explore Pregnancy

We are excited to announce Oura’s partnership with researchers at the University of California San Diego (UCSD) in the hopes that the Oura Community can help create the first comprehensive and continuous maps of the physiological patterns of pregnancy.

Oura Helped Me Have An Active Pregnancy

Laura originally purchased her Oura Ring to help with training and recovery but realized soon after becoming pregnant that the patterns it revealed could uniquely help her with her pregnancy journey.

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