Oura Helped Me Discover My Thyroid Issue

Jyoti is passionate about working with products at the intersection of hardware and software. What she didn’t expect was for it to sound the alarm on her health.

The WNBA And Oura Celebrate A Covid-Free Season

The WNBA hit a slam dunk with their COVID-19 safety protocols—they managed to run their entire 5 month season without a single COVID case. How? With rigorous policies that encircled 400 people into a single social bubble that required daily testing, meticulous entering or exiting protocols, and Oura Rings.

How Oura Ring Data Could Help Identify Early COVID-19 Symptoms

Early results from a large-scale COVID-19 study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), TemPredict, reveal that the Oura Ring's continuous temperature monitoring could make it an effective tool for fever monitoring and early illness detection. 

Oura Helped Monitor COVID-19 Symptoms

Oura Helped Us Monitor Our Covid-19 Symptoms

“We felt uneasy at first about sharing our experience due to the stigma associated with having COVID, but we eventually put our personal reservations aside in the hope that we could help others.”

UCSF TemPredict Study

UCSF is testing whether physiological data collected by the Oura Ring, combined with responses to daily symptom surveys, can build an algorithm to identify patterns of, onset of, progression of, and recovery from, COVID-19.  

Oura Helped Spot COVID-19

Oura Helped Me Spot My COVID-19 Symptoms

The Oura Ring helped a 55 year old health coach track his illness and recovery during his battle with COVID-19.

Oura Partners With The NBA As The Season Resumes

With the NBA’s many high-profile players and personnel, accuracy regarding health information is business critical, and Oura responds to the timely need of bringing players and league staff peace of mind as they head to Orlando next month.

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